WORLD CUP 2018: ' FIFA working on film report about Morocco's gateway to the World Cup '
El Zhar: ' every international dreams of World Cup participation ' (video)
Renard Hifti and Beaumelle sends next week to Russia
Pocket Tips Renard: ' El Arabi can add to this what Morocco on the World Cup '
Mokthar: ' keep no account of participation in the World Cup with Morocco ' (video)
Feddal: ' will of Allah (swt), lay me down there of course ' (video)
El Arabi: ' will do all it can to convince ' Hervé Renard
El Kaabi: ' Rabbani told me I'm going to be called '
Benzarti: ' Morocco greater chance of second round than Tunisia or Egypt ' (video)
Games: L and Ayoub in preselection v Atlas Lions
Games: ' Renard takes 2 CHAN 2018 champions on in preselection '
Spotlight: Morocco's keepersdillema, certified financial planner Munir or basic keeper Ball?
L happy after preselection, but is calculated far from rich
Lekjaa: ' Development v/h Moroccan football depend greatly on our own clubs ' (video)
Bali: ' the second round is the goal, otherwise we might as well stay at home '
Mahi: ' If I am convinced 100% to be fit for the World Cup '
Assaidi: 'Looking purely at my qualities, I deserve a call'
Benatia: 'If it is up to me, El Kaabi will go to Russia' (video)
Fajr: 'A call for the World Cup depends entirely on my performance at Getafe'
El Kaabi: 'Hope that Allah (swt) helps to realize my World Cup dream' (video)
El Ghazi: 'No regrets for choosing Orange, next summer for Morocco'
Official: Moroccan Federation FRMF confirms upcoming games
Rabbani insists on FCO Dijon's Fouad Cahn in preselection
National coach Herve Renard from now on Facebook, instagram and Twitter
' Renard refuses to extend contract, wait until after WORLD CUP '
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