' Mufti ' Marcouch offended by Imam Fawaz

Imam Fawaz calls the District President seem a hypocritical politician. Marcouch wants to know where he is.

' Indecent ', President Ahmed Marcouch district of slotervaart characterizes the violent attack of imam Fawaz Jneid. This imam of the Salafist As Sunnah mosque in the Hague Marcouch calls a ' asterisk ' politician ' and a ' hypocrite ', which ' fishing to the votes of Muslims ' lies of unbelievers condone.

In the Salafist thought the accusation is a munafiq (hypocrite) ', much heavier than that of renegade, Marcouch notes on. In its bright message hitch a ride with the train of hypocrites reacts Fawaz on the broadcast of the Dutch Muslim broadcaster (NMO) of 13 april, in which Marcouch ruling on the position of Muslim young people.

Marcouch calls Muslim young people to speak out against the use of force in the name of islam and to show that that religion goes well with the Dutch citizenship. He talks about equality between men and women, use of violence against the woman, radicalization and extremism. This explains the PvdA'er, writes Fawaz, ' emphatically the finger be on topics that are often raised by many politicians and some Western thinkers with the intention of islam and its defenders to make black '.

The Hague imam, who previously cursed Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, suggests that Marcouch Muslim young people want to be carried away in his hostility to islam. He further writes that the District President ' mufti ' (spiritual leader) and the nerve shows a beard, shortening the dress and shaking the hand futilities. Salafists wear beards, short legs and refuse to shake the hand of the other sex. ' You still worthless in your accusations, worthless in your hypocrisy and powerless in misleading the Muslims ', close the imam triumphantly, thus Volkskrant.nl.

Marcouch says Fawaz tragedy as ' the theological voice of Netherlands ', just like Geert Wilders used big words and explores the limits of the law. ' How far he can go with his freedom of speech? '

Marcouch wants to know where the imam on is off. Fawaz ' response to the film by Wilders seemed moderate. Marcouch: ' But he moderates his tone until the Muslims more power, or is he actually changed? ' If so, Fawaz are speaking out for the core values of Dutch society, Marcouch.

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