Psychopath terrorizes Moroccan girl

The problems were so severe that Samira in april last year via Bureau Jeugdzorg from home was posted.

A girl from the Amsterdam go bounding about Moroccan pipe is since its sixteenth terrorized and assaulted by a 21-year-old boy from the diamond district.

The boy, who recently served a punishment because of a shooting, came last week off and has her beaten up again.

The girl and her family do not know how the violence should stop. '' Youth care and the police can not help me. The violence goes on. If I don't do what he says, he hits me against the ground, '' says Samira (fictitious name) at her parents ' home, according to

One time, the boy with the car under the window of her home. '' He called me on my cellphone and said, ' Watch out. ' My father was a step next to me, but I did not venture to say. I ran to the window and looked down. He was sitting in a Mercedes and showed me through the car window a large knife. ''

He has also taken a look at her school called-on behalf of her father-ill to report. '' Then he called me on my cellphone in the classroom. ' Come out and step in the taxi that stands for. I have you been sick, "he told me. I did then. ''

The problems were so severe that Samira in april last year via Bureau Jeugdzorg from home was posted. On 27 april 2007, she was under surveillance, after which they sat in different youth establishments closed. A civil decision, purely to protect her. But the boy knew her there too. During the visiting hours he sought her up in the youth prison. He also sent threatening letters.

Her assailant has been jailed several times, the last time because he was in november last year on the Ruysdaelkade in De Pijp someone had shot in both legs. He was arrested the same day, escaped and was again caught. Tuesday 6 may he came free. Two days after his release, he had her again. Samira: '' I met on the street. First he pulled at my hair. Then he gave me a lot of hits. He struck my ear close and a blood vessel piece in my nose. ''

Samira is after hiding at acquaintances outside of Amsterdam. Thursday, she reported to the police done for assault. But if that will help, is the question. Samira and her family hope that the tide will turn now to the matter. For the time being, she is again hiding.

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