' Nude paintings shifted after Muslims ' complaints

The municipality houses has nude paintings of artist Ellen Vroegh moved.

Two or three men with an Islamic background and some staff had complained about the view according to a municipality spokesman. The experienced by some as confrontational paintings hung since Tuesday in the audience room of the Town Hall, said Depers.nl.

Because inhabitants sometimes in the room to regulate business, they could not the stylized work according to the spokesperson. "When you buy a ticket and a gallery, it is a conscious choice to go look. Here it became unintentionally forced on them. " That is why the paintings hung about ten metres away, in a corridor where the public can view more exhibited paintings.

The municipality of speaks against that they can be ' pushed around by islam, "as Vroegh Thursday in De Telegraaf saw. "Even if people with a different background had complained, we had the paintings moved. The staff found it also not fine that they all day on the paintings. "
Ellen Vroegh was not available for comment Thursday morning.

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