College deliberates on action against imam

InHolland University of applied sciences deliberates on action against imam Bahaeddin Budak.

Following are statements of the Islamic spiritual leader about choice of partner and rape on the website of the Dutch Islamic Broadcasting (NIO).

Budak is connected with the religion islam, a second-grade teacher training training in Amsterdam, according to the associated press. On the website of the NIO he gave answer to a woman who was raped by her cousin and to the imam asked what they aanmoest with the situation. Banerjee gave an answer which many found that he laid the blame largely at women.

The University distances herself from the "inadmissible" statements made by Banerjee and will with the imam a penetrating "conversation".

Banerjee has following the fuss over his words the NIO asked the article about the rape of the website, even if he's still behind his words. The broadcaster found that "journalistically no option". In those circumstances, the spiritual leader the cooperation with the NIO broken. As a result, both referred to that article if all previous articles by his hand of the website have been removed.

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