Whites have the power in Amsterdam

Of the forty top officials there are two immigrant.

More than half of the population of Amsterdam is colored, but the power in the city is in white hands. Inventory of twenty boards and organizations learn: under the 561 drivers are 22 immigrants. Of the 53 political directors (six in college, 47 in the districts) are seven of non-Dutch origin, thus Parool.nl.

Of the forty top officials there are two immigrant, of the fourteen district Secretaries one. At the 65 240 judges, prosecutors and the four members of the Corps is not one immigrant. Driving complement each other through the principle us-kent-us, and that connect outsiders out.

Ankie Verlaan, Chairman of the Amsterdam Advisory Board diversity and inclusion, very. '' Amsterdam is governed by a closed bastion of white men. It is a stronghold of people with its own culture, and thereby difficult for outsiders to come in. ''

According to Councilman Freek Ossel, responsible, among other things, for the diversity policy of the municipality, there is still a lot of ' happen '. '' Not only at the Government by the way. It's about large parts of society. ''

The figures surprised Obrien, itself of foreign origin, not. '' It's going to be slow, we know. On the other hand tell the figures also not the whole story. These figures going over the top of the municipal organization, and the movement is at present, especially in the middle. One in ten civil servants is now immigrant. The more volume in the Middle, the more people come to the surface. I dare to do no prediction about when that will be, but also at the top will change things. ''

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