PvdA-leader: Nekschot not punishable

Nekschot (a pseudonym) was arrested in Amsterdam last month and held for 30 hours.

The Amsterdam Alderman Lodewijk Asscher-PvdA leader and criticising for the arrest and prosecution of the cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot. That Asscher says in an interview that Wednesday in Dagblad De Pers appears.

Nekschot (a pseudonym) was arrested in Amsterdam last month and held for 30 hours. He makes prints that coarse are on, among other things, Muslims and blacks and the public prosecutor's Office suspects him of discrimination and hate, thus .

' When I go to the case look – and I have a background in constitutional law – I can hardly imagine that cartoons are punishable. ' Asscher was awarded a PhD on fundamental rights and communication was Professor of information law at the University of Amsterdam. Denoting the detention of Nekschot, he says: ' the way the prosecution is organized, I find all the more strange. '

Asscher may propose the annoyance of the Amsterdam Councillor Karina Content that the PvdA stepped because she finds that the party is not enough against the arrest of Nekschot returned. The Dutch Labour Party in the House of representatives operates careful to coalition partner CDA not to snub. Asscher: ' I understand that Karina had found it beautiful if sharper was commented. '

The Councillor calls for sharp contributions to the debate, also anonymously on internet and also critical of faith. Values such as freedom of conscience for him is no room for negotiation. And the ideas of Muslims or other believers might conflict with the labour party-line: ' then your political mission and you party dominant. You're busy with emancipation and not with missionary work. We are not a religious party. Point. '

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