Abroad under the impression of Orange

Also abroad is the beating of Italy not gone unnoticed.

It took a while, but it's after the game against Italy at the European Championship to most Dutch have that the national team can play pretty nice balls. A few will have, but also never doubted them will the resounding 3-0 against the Azzurri still pleasantly surprised.

Also abroad is the beating of Italy not gone unnoticed. In England, where they stand, they are already behind Netherlands raved about Orange. Netherlands has according to The Sun finally live in Euro 2008. The newspaper is surprised that so many Dutch people have so little trust in Orange, while that team the most talented players. According to the newspaper Netherlands has the clock reset to the golden years with Johan Cruyff and Johan Neeskens.

According to the Daily Mail have the Italians beating entirely self-inflicted. The misplaced arrogance of the Azzurri is them costly, according to the newspaper, who recalls that the goal of van Nistelrooy very very much on outside game seemed. The Guardian writes that the legitimate winner, although the Netherlands first goal very controversial. However, according to the newspaper, had the referee and touch judge it right on their side because according to the regulations takes a football player without the permission of the referee behind the end line is still part of the game, and lift up that way outdoor game on. The newspaper finds the performance especially noteworthy because many well-known players in Netherlands were missing. Ebrahim played as if he for years in Orange State, according to the newspaper.

Italy's win can. A humiliation in this way is almost impossible, to open The Independent. What a match. Italy knocked out by a debatable goal, a world goal and a knock-out. A shock goes through Europe, so goes the newspaper excited further, thus Telegraaf.nl.

Italy Netherlands deklasseert writes the German newspaper Der Spiegel. According to the newspaper the Italians are as good as disabled. The pressure is now fully bi Netherlands against the Italians, while the disappointing French second round can safely, said Der Spiegel.

Three boxing round the ears for Italy headlines Der Stern. Netherlands Italy fascination has stripped, so goes the newspaper further. According to the newspaper has Netherlands feel right to one of the Favorites for the European title. It always chauvinistic tabloid Bild rept of Dutch magic. Italy unmasked, so goes the newspaper further. "The Azzurri conceded the largest defeat during a EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP so far and are now on the last place in the pool. What a catastrophe. " Bild writes further that Van Nistelrooy the fair play Prize ' earned by not dropping his balance when he was brought out by Buffon. All German magazines agree that Van Nistelrooy's goal was a pure, because the outdoor game was lifted by the behind the back line lying Panucci.

In Belgium refers The Tomorrow about the humiliation of the Squadra. The newspaper pulls out there even the victory in 1978 in Argentina with the ' Atomic pop ' by Jennifer H. The newspaper shows the history lessons well learned, because also the miracle of Bern 1954, when Germany's the much stronger ladies and Hungary the world title robbed, was brought in. According to the newspaper, the Italians were pleased that the beating was not even bigger because shots from a R and Van Persie on the bar and went along. "Orange World Champion from tap," headlines sports world. Especially Sneijder's goal was, according to the newspaper "hemelsmooi".

Finally also reactions from the country where the defeat arrived rock hard, Italy. The Italians are distraught by the defeat. "Give us back Lippi," headlines the sports magazine Tuttosport. "Donadoni admits Italy sink: a historic defeat against Netherlands". Also the title of the first comment speaks volumes: "everything wrong".

The "Corriere dello Sport" salutes orange. "The perfect match. In which all works out and the other anywhere makes mistakes. Let us now have a look who else has the courage to exercise criticism on this Dutch team. And let's see who dares to Marco van Basten now under discussion, which as ´ n harmonic and spectacular team has formed ". Especially Sneijder is believed. "Delightful" as he plays according to the newspaper. Kuyt also gets all the praise. "Excellent choice of Van Basten. The blonde from Liverpool hits hard ".

The famous Italian pink sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport detail on the game. "I never what a hit!", headlines the newspaper. "The Dutch have the merit by rather and better in the match, as if they and we were not the world champion. Fast, aggressive, sharp, beating them twice in five minutes ". La Gazzetta dello Sport find that Netherlands weather returned to the great 1970s. According to the newspaper, the leading sports newspaper of Italy pink, was Van Bronckhorst the best player of Netherlands. "He destroys Italy around the Strip, he switches Camoranesi, Gattuso and Panucci. He stands at the base of the second goal and also makes the third goal. Physically incredibly ". But all Dutch players get spacious voldoendes of the major newspapers. Sneijder gets a 8, just as national coach Van Basten.

The newspaper la Repubblica also shares compliments to the national coach of Orange. "He understands everything and wins big". The newspaper talks about "a quick team, technical, concrete". According to la Repubblica there is a trace of Sacchi (former trainer of Milan in the golden years of Van Basten at the club) and the former Netherlands of the total football. "The momentum has surprised everyone," salutes the newspaper orange.

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