Jealous of those European Moroccans in their fat baking

Morocco is preparing for the annual invasion of Moroccan tourists from Europe.

The rich boys and girls with their thick cars create envy on. And are far from popular. But the jealousy is mutual.
It is scorching in Morocco and the beaches are jam-packed of holidaymakers, but Khadija Chouafa does have what else to do than to lie down between them. Chouafa is Moroccan for visionary, it is Khadija's nickname. In the neighborhood where she lives, in the coastal town of Kenitra, does anyone know what it does: with her psychic gifts people their problems RID. In the summer it has the topdruk. Then her small, dark work room constantly occupied with Moroccans from Europe who suffer from the evil eye.

"Westerners do not believe in huh? ', says Chouafa smiling. For many Moroccans is the evil eye as real as light and dark. The evil eye is a jealous look. Too much harm evil jealous glances, believe many Moroccans. Can you start feeling weird and quarrelling with everyone. And these are the complaints that many European Moroccans at Khadija Chouafa. Because the Moroccan air Shimmers in the summer, not only of the heat, but also of a dark feeling that is not usually pronounced: envy.

Let's check out the usual perspective tilt. Think for a moment not to the 3 million Moroccans who live outside Morocco, but now think that 30 million Moroccans. That 30 million live in a country where everything looks beautiful on tourist spots, but outside there exist quite a few forgotten villages and towns, such as Kenitra where Khadija Chouafa lives. There are practically all year roads and street lights broke down and the beach is littered with broken bottles, used adult diapers and gnawed sheep bones.

Just before the summer vacation is the beach suddenly cleaned. In the holes in the road surface, asphalt is deposited, broken street lamps light up. And then start the Moroccan emigrants from Europe into the country to drip, slowly at first, but then Morocco in increasing numbers, until they overflow. With that flood come thick scholarships, which presumably is why all that suddenly has been refurbished. Like Morocco maintains warm relations with the Moroccans from overseas.

In the normal order disturbed the holiday weeks. Many young people in Morocco can afford no luxury, but it is now up to 60-year-old waiters on terraces 18-year-old kids from Madrid. 70-year-old grannies in hammams scrubbing the dirt for a few euros from the skin of young ladies from Amsterdam. The dance floors in nightclubs are inherited by hip young from Paris who are loudly singing along on their own European hits.

Remember: the visitors are no normal tourists, but compatriots, they all live far away. Of course the cosmopolitan atmosphere they bring with them, a party. But how retarded the 30 million Moroccans feel less happy moments? ' There is much jealousy, "says Khadija Chouafa. ' Logical. If you have nothing about in Morocco and you'll see all those European Moroccans with thick bags from the grocery store... '

Then it doesn't even matter if you live in a nice clean city as Tetouan, know Khiate Bakari, a 24-year-old construction worker. On the boulevard of Martil, near Tetouan, on the Mediterranean coast, he sees in the summer a daily parade of luxury Mercedes and Volkswagens, Audi's blink through with behind the wheel all European Marokkaantjes which are as old as he. ' It hurts inside if I see ', says Bakari. ' They are driving in a car and I earn less than seven euros a day. "
While he says, there is a motor road with throbbing violence. ' Though I would work all my life, I who do not pay, "grins Bakari shy. He's just called by a friend who has managed to reach Spain illegally, with a small boat. Bakari would also go. He knows that life in Europe is not easy, but he wants to try it anyway. And his 20-year-old colleague Abdelaziz Benachour also: ' Moroccans have difficult in Europe, but they have money. Here we have it hard and we have no money. '

Bad brought up
Beginning in Morocco on the annual invasion of emigrants and the first thing that follows is: Oh, Yes, all those kids who in their fat bins with rock hard music and drink behind the wheel tear through the streets. Everyone has an opinion about. ' It is the ill-bred young people from the banlieus of Europe that so do ', says the painter Mohamed Bennani. ' They are not integrated, and they think that everything is allowed in Morocco because they have more money. '

Bennani knows the world outside Morocco, he has lived everywhere for years before he returned has returned to his homeland. ' These young people do not understand what freedom is. As they carried in Morocco, that can also not in Paris or Amsterdam. They give an unreal image of Europe to the young Moroccans here who are struggling. I do know that most borrow or rent a car, but Moroccans here get so the idea that you're in Europe within three years a Mercedes S320 cdi have. '

The doctor Cain from Rabat has more understanding for the tough behavior. ' The Moroccans in Europe suffer from racism and they are poorly housed. If they come here, they explode. It is a response. Nevertheless, they jealously. Young people in Morocco to see these kids are at least able to afford a holiday. Most young people here can't. '
Money is always the reason why that Moroccans left to Europe and that the rest was left with a heavy heart. There was a saying in Morocco: ' if tomorrow the borders with Europe open, everyone leaves the country, except the King and the army. ' But according to Cain, less and less, because the wealth in Morocco increases. Moreover, does anyone know in Morocco that the attitude towards respect of Muslims in Europe has changed. The word that is used is invariably: racism.

Those who still want to try their luck in Europe, are students or poor young people. The rest typically says: ' Europe is over. ' And yet has everything from Europe status. Mobile phones that are taken from Europe, can be resold in Morocco more expensive than the exact same cell phones that in Moroccan shops are. A dealer from Amsterdam could have a party cheap Wibra-underpants with profit in selling Morocco, even though they were maybe ever in Casablanca. Nothing to do with it, the underpants came from Netherlands.
What applies to stuff people. Moroccans from Europe, in spite of everything, still envied, also by the rich people. And that feeling has nothing to do with their cars or nice clothes, because more and more people in Morocco can afford the same cars and clothes, and still more as well. It is their attitude that evokes envy. ' They are pretty. They can do whatever they want. That you have here is not, ' says the doctor Cain.

Moroccans who come from Europe, Dick you look like – and not just the teenagers in their tough cars. They are more confident. They laugh uproariously and they jump with noise in the pool, what a big difference with the modesty that normally is the norm. They give the police a big mouth and they refuse to go on the side for cars with special license plates that indicate a high position, something out of his head from a Moroccan Morocco late, thus .

Some in Morocco that freer attitude as arrogance. ' They feel better, they are brutal, "says waiter Mohammed who not with his full name in the newspaper wants because the hospitality industry should have in the summer of the emigrants. Catering entrepreneur Marios from Agadir, which for the same reason not to call his entire name, see also the shadow sides of freedom. In his café he hears often: ' beautiful is that. All those Europeans come here, but Conversely we can do that. '

Marios: ' there are enough Moroccans who miss a week to London, Paris or Barcelona, to see how people live there. But they get no visa. I don't get it though, there are problems with Moroccans living illegally in Europe. But this produces frustration. Europe is always talking about freedom and democracy, but apparently not for everyone. I think that's hypocritical. "

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