' Burqa is a prison '

,, The burqa is a prison, it's a straitjacket, '' finds the French Secretary of State for Urban Affairs Fadela Amara.

,, It's totally not a sign of religion, but the hallmark of a totalitarian politics that glorifies the inequality between men and women and in which there is no democracy. ''

Amara does its statements following the decision by the French justice to a 32-year-old Muslim woman with burqa from Morocco to refuse the French nationality. ,, An excellent decision, legitimate and credible, '' finds Amara. At the request of her husband carries the woman a burqa, which covered her from head to toe.

The verdict was noteworthy, because the woman speaks fluent French, is married to a Frenchman and three French children, which normally would be enough to have the French nationality, thus Ad.nl.

Amara:,, I think that the decision of the Council of State a number of fanatics could no longer turn on the burqa on their wives. ''

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