Eight women and one man sentenced to stoning

The usual punishment for adultery is stoning in Iran.

Eight men and one woman have been recently condemned.

The photo shows a stoning of the past, the image is symbolic of the international opposition to this practice. Lawyer and women's rights activist Shadi Sadr on Sunday announced the new convictions.

According to Sadr are six of the nine convictions based solely at the discretion of the judge, there would be no testimony or lawyer involved.
Stoning in Iran is only performed at adultery. For offences as murder, rape, armed robbery, apostasy, blasphemy, drug trafficking, prostitution, treason and espionage may also be pronounced the death penalty but that is different, thus Gva.be.

A man is usually buried up to the chest and bombarded with stones. But often he lies just on the ground in the middle of a group of people throwing stones. Women are usually buried up to the neck.

In recent years, in the Iranian Parliament attempts to abolish the stoning, but opposed by radical clerics. The Government also makes it not always known as the penalty is imposed.

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