Saudi father kills daughter to repentance

A Saudi man has killed his daughter because she embraced the Christian faith.

This reports Arab Vision, a Christian organization that makes tv shows for the Arab world, based on a message in Gulf News, a newspaper from the United Arab Emirates.
The father put his daughter on fire, after he first cut off her tongue. The woman from a Muslim family wrote regularly on different weblogs about her conversion to the Christian faith. A few days before she was killed wrote ' R ', her name on the internet, on a weblog that her family had discovered her transition to Christianity. So her brother saw that they had a cross on her computer screen, thus

According to Gulf News converted the woman under the influence of Christian websites and Arabic Christian media. ,, We know of people from Saudi Arabia that they are baptized as a result of our programs. It makes us humble that in that country people decide to follow Christ with all the risks that entails such a decision '', says Inge Verhoef of Arab Vision Netherlands.

Ranja's father has a high position within a Police Department to monitor the virtue of the Saudi people.

Arab Vision cites sources around the victim to who say the Saudi Government has ordered an investigation into the death of R. The father has been accused of honour killings and not of murder. , In Saudi Arabia, that is because the opinion prevails that the father the shame that the daughter by her conduct has brought about the family, washing away '', said Arab Vision. Some Web sites that the Saudi woman wrote his temporarily closed in protest, while others commemorate her right, reports the organization.

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