Ambulance staff Amsterdam cease after violence

Mayor Job Cohen in July 2006 suggested that violence against ambulance staff was "unacceptable".

Ambulance staff of VZA (United transport of the sick Amsterdam) wants Mayor Cohen Thursday afternoon for 14.00 hours comes up with concrete proposals to put an end to the violence against ambulance staff.

The employees of the headquarters in Amsterdam Wednesday evening four hours work laid down in order to consider steps after yet another violent incident against ambulance staff. It was going to be sixteen staff members, half of the ambulance staff in the evening in Amsterdam available.

After a stabbing in Amsterdam-West which took place against six hours, threatened bystanders VZA employees who helped the victim "serious with death". According to an informant were "both the aid if the aid workers themselves seriously endangered".

The night shift did it work now resumes. But the property's staff will work again Thursday night down like there Thursday no consultation has taken place with the Amsterdam directors. "There is still no bomb exploded, but there there now tap one," according to a spokesperson of VZA. Not only the staff in Amsterdam than the work down, but also in the regions around the capital, such as Purmerend and Zaandam.

Mayor Job Cohen in July 2006 suggested that violence against ambulance staff was "unacceptable" and that it "is important that we deal with aggression and violence against officials". According to the spokesperson of VZA followed on this big words no practical action.

The spokesman, however, would find as well as the national Government chic with concrete measures would come. "This problem is not limited to Amsterdam", he stresses. "It happens just as hard in Sneek or Zeeland." The police in Amsterdam offered Wednesday night the ambulance staff of VZA to to drive to the ambulance, but the Organization for thanks, thus

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