Moroccans find case exaggerated

There was no real threat of ambulance staff, Wednesday in geuzenveld.

That say Moroccan boys who witnessed the events. For the pizzeria on the Aalbersestraat, around the corner from the House of the 15-year-old stabbed Moroccan Salah, is Thursday night against a group of guys to talk. Topic of conversation is especially the 15-year-old Salah, who Tuesday night was stabbed after an argument, and the threats then by ambulance staff.

The guys all agree that the ambulance staff heavily exaggerates when they say that the brothers and friends of Salah have responded so aggressively when she Wednesday evening Salah in the Vredeman de Vries Street in geuzenveld wanted to help. '' I was there. So is it really not gone, '' says one of the boys, which is not with his name in the newspaper will.

Abdullah, the 20-year-old brother of Salah, according to him in panic when he hit his brother, all covered in blood, on the ground saw. ' ' Abdullah wanted to go to his brother but he was stopped by one of the men of the ambulance. He responded very emotional. He thought his brother would not make it. He shouted: ' leave him alone '. They said they wanted to help because he otherwise death would go. Then he said: ' if he dies, then you are also dead '. ''

More there is according to him did not happen. '' I have Abdullah calmed down. I said they only wanted to help his brother. He has then further no nothing more done. Why should we bother the ambulance staff? They are there anyway to help? ''

Itself finds the boy it's not surprising that Abdullah in panic was. '' When she Salah on the stretcher, gushed the blood from his chest. It was horrible to see. ''

Khalid, the 18-year-old brother of Salah, is taken by the police to the Office. He would still stuck. '' The police is later to Abdullah. He had to draw a statement that he had responded so aggressively. But Abdullah has refused. He wanted to sign anything at all. ''

With Salah is pretty good. '' My mother has visited him in the hospital, '' says another.

The perpetrator of the stabbing is still on the run, according to .

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