Mohammed Ebrahim does not need to stand for court

The Muslim fundamentalist and lawyer Mohammed Ebrahim no longer have to stand when the judges enter the room.

Ebon States that get up in conflict with his faith. The Court in Rotterdam has given him right, reports NRC Handelsblad Friday.

According to Ebrahim, newly sworn in as Attorney, the islam that all people are equal. Therefore he can not for others can stand up, finds himself. The public prosecutor has objected to, says a spokeswoman. It has raised the matter with the Bar Association and the Council for the judiciary. "It is common practice to stand before the judge."

Ebrahim came earlier in the news after the social service had refused him a job because he wants no hand shaking women. The Rotterdam Court be the objection of Ebon against it last month.

VVD mp Henk Kamp reacts furiously to the news that Ebrahim no longer have to stand for the judges. "This is cultural relativism at its best. It is not acceptable to this under the rule of law. Everyone should just get up for the judge. Point. " Camp, Minister of housing, communities and integration Ella Vogelaar (PvdA) asked for clarification, said .

The Court in Rotterdam was not immediately available for comment Friday.

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