"Let Muslims pray at work '

Researchers at the free University of Brussels (VUB) do three striking proposals that should lead to a better integration of Muslims in Belgium.

A team from the free University of Brussels went in the American city Detroit study why the integration of Muslims there better manage than here. They came back with three striking proposals.

First Recommendation: let Muslims visible in society and let them always and everywhere their headscarf. "In Detroit they put big eyes When we tell about our headscarf discussion ', says researcher Hannelore Galan. ' Yonder is that no discussion theme. The Muslim community there is visibly present, including a private Festival and a private museum. '

According to the researchers would also be good if our employers more adapted to the Muslim. For example, by prayer on the workplace and mosque visit on Friday. Richard Lewis, researcher at the VUB: ' if the Muslim employee after that non-productive time for his employer again catches up, there is nothing to worry about? '

Lewis acknowledges that religion in Detroit is different than with us. ' There the majority of the population believe in some god. Therefore has the boss there faster understand that his work people asks for time the faith experience. '

The third recommendation is about education. ' Get Muslim children In Canada in the first years of their school training their courses in Arabic. That would also be here should. That way the children much less learn behind. Please note: those lessons of business must be in Arabic. For example just in the first two years of study. '

' We do These recommendations because we see that the integration in Detroit much better manage than in Brussels ', says Hannelore Galan. ' Which city has the largest immigration of Muslims in the United States, just as Brussels with us. But Muslims in Detroit climbing faster on the social ladder. 45 percent goes to College. With us one percent. Although it should be said that the American Muslims from the better countries from the Middle East. They also immigrate with the idea to stay forever in America. Our Muslims see their migration often as temporary and also that inhibits the integration. '

The Guy Vanhengel, Brussels Minister of Education (Open VLD), makes already comments on the proposals. He finds that the suggestion to children the first two years are also in Arabic teaching, ignores the fact that the Brussels language situation much more complex than that in the United States. There everyone speaks English and is According to him, so not so necessary that Muslim children soon other language learning, thus .

' If they know one language-English in this case-is it enough, ' he says.

' At us is you already with the given of the bilingual Brussels and the lightning-fast rise of English. To here well integrated to hitting, you need so all three languages on top of common. There you start the best as soon as possible. Is that the American selection of migrants much stricter than with us. '

About the idea to make visible Muslims and them always to a headscarf contribute, says Vr: ' I'm willing to accept that principle at the time I there one hundred percent convinced that all Brussels girls from wearing the headscarf free will. '

' But that is so not. In many cases, the head scarf them imposed by the environment. I have quite a few contacts in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, where many immigrants come from Brussels. In Morocco you see more and more women in top positions. Every time I there Ben, it is me again on that yet, but few of those women a headscarf wearing. '

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