' Violence in shops takes bizarre forms to '

Shops and supermarkets in the Netherlands have to do with a spiral that bizarre proportions.

The many armed robberies and threats are no longer for retailers to handle.

That said Jules van Well, head of security of the central food trade (CBL) Thursday. He reads the alarm following an incident in Amsterdam, in which a group of fifteen young people supermarket staff had done after the workers threatened Declaration of shoplifting. "The violence in shops takes rose strongly. Gun ownership has become commonplace and the number of robberies is increasing. Now you become even if threatened with the police Declaration of theft if you do, it's bizarre '', said Villela.

"This problem should receive more attention. Because if employees do more dare not report after an incident, is the end search. People are going to threaten that if they're caught is not new, but that they realise threats though. ''

Problem youth
That retailers increasingly have to deal with violent problem youth, is according to of Well a trend that began about a year ago. The trend is not limited to supermarkets and is across the country. Though yokes Amsterdam clearly the Crown, thus .

According to Villela is a task for police and Government to address the violence and to guarantee the safety of entrepreneurs. "Therefore: All compliments for the Amsterdam police, because they at the recent threats on time have intervened. ''

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