Fred marries with Muhammad

Moroccan Mohammed and Dutchman Fred are planning to marry.

The family in Morocco is yet to be informed. Muhammad came four years ago from Marrakech to Netherlands. In March he met Amsterdammer Fred in a bar. Now they live together. Mohammed in Morocco worked in a restaurant; in Netherlands he could also get started quickly at an Argentine, after a while in the construction industry and now he works five nights as a cook in a Mediterranean restaurant. "I am one hundred percent gay. That everyone should know, ' he says. ' In Morocco are many guys who do it with men. I myself have four years had a relationship with a Moroccan. Now he is married. There are not many Moroccans who dare come out that they are gay. In our Arab culture must be a man for marriage have experience and a woman still a Virgin ', thus .

Muhammad is faithful, but no practising Muslim. "There are also Jewish communities in Morocco. That goes for years well together. Specific gay bars such as in Amsterdam hardly exist in Morocco. Dates are secretly created. The seaside resort of Agadir, for example, has a large gay population. ' He describes himself as ' the clown of the family '. "Three years ago I saw my mother in Morocco for last. They often asked me the question: ' when are you going to get married? ' Now I'm going to tell her: I'm gay, living with a man, he is my friend and we are getting married. Maybe I lost my family when they hear that I'm gay. I slept at home often with men and then brought my mother our morning tea in bed. Men often go to bed with each other in Morocco, but only a man who get caught is a gay. I have never had difficulties with my sexual orientation, even on my work. Gays and Moroccans go hard together. Word on the street I sometimes scolded by Moroccans for raise, the Arabic word for gay. That doesn't happen if you compose your unobtrusive, but if we run together and touch you can expect difficulties. But I am absolutely not afraid. '

Fred: ' Potenrammers have always been there. Used to be that no Moroccans but Dutch. '

If Mohammed will soon be married to Fred, it takes five years before Dutchman. ' Marriage is also a business matter, ' says Fred. ' If anything happens to me, Mohammed will get my pension. At once we have arranged everything. '

Fred fell for the beautiful eyes of Muhammad, Mohammed on Freds appearance, his inner ... ' actually on everything. With Fred is the party every day. ' The age difference – Fred is 38 52, Muhammad – plays for the upcoming wedding couple no role. ' Love is more important than age ', say both. Mohammed has as an expression of love the same tattoo as Fred on his upper arm. ' In Morocco we buy rings ', reveals Fred. ' In my family is Muhammad for two hundred percent established. He is the care-Moroccan; everyone is crazy about him. ' Mohammed loves Dutch music. Jan Smit is his favorite. One of his favourite dishes is spinach with a ball of meat. But at number one are fried eggs with Bacon, created by Fred!

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