Also orthodox Muslims must get ' space '

Dutch politics and society must also orthodox Muslims give to exercise their faith.

Therefore let them see the freedom of religion is of paramount importance. That said President Ahmed Marcouch Amsterdam's slotervaart Saturday at a meeting of the labour party in Utrecht.

"What religious freedom a modern society's worth, always shows itself in dealing with the orthodox believer," said Marcouch. "That is strange. That is tricky. But there the freedom to prove themselves. In principle, the society the orthodox believer as well as possible treaties. "

The politician said that the Dutch "political islam" should consist of fighting extremist violence. That is according to him "a plague". Politics and society must also unequivocally their support for the emancipation of women and gays, said

Marcouch said that politicians who are afraid of the islamisation of the Netherlands are wrong; "In reality the reverse is happening before our eyes. We are all witnessing the dutchification of islam. " He was therefore agree with ex-Minister Ella Vogelaar (integration) when she said that islam part of the Dutch traditions. "In fact, they formulated the much too cautious. Islam is already a Dutch religion. "

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