Badr Hari shows no repentance

Badr Hari showed after his disqualification in the final party of the ' K-1 World GP 2008 Final ' no remorse.

,, I'm an emotional person. I come to fight, whether it is portrait or landscape ", noted Hari after on in the catacombs of the Yokohama Arena. He is said to have annoyed to the fighting style of Baker. ,, It was again the same song with him. Remy only held his hands high. "

Out of frustration kicked the Amsterdammer of Moroccan descent then Baker in the second round against the face, after the referee had given a stop sign already. In the first round regaled Baker are 23-year-old opponent already a ' down ', according to

,, This was a expensive joke and a good lesson for next time. I have no crystal ball, but I promise to keep me in future ", claimed Hari. According to the ' Golden Boy ', as his nickname, he had the K-1 no disservice. On the contrary. ,, This action is good for the sport. The people do not like to always to look the same. It was a wonderful tournament. "

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