Israel bombards school

In their advance into Gaza have Israeli troops Tuesday UN schools under fire.

In doing so, according to Palestinian sources fell forty dead.

Among them, many children are.

An Israeli spokesman said from the school was shot at soldiers. Those shots back, which followed an explosion, possibly caused by ammunition stored in the school. However, many other sources speak of an Israeli air raid, according to

The attack on the school in Jabaliya was the second on a UN school. The UN said at a tank shelling on a school in the Shati refugee camp near Gaza City three deaths. In the schools were hundreds of citizens who thought to be safe for the violence. Terrorist leader al-Zawahiri, the number two of al-Qaeda, called yesterday in a message via internet for attacks on Israeli and Western targets anywhere in the world.

Activists jump at to blood to stop bleeding

The humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip is after eleven days of Israeli siege. Aid workers in the area are sounding the alarm. ,, The situation is hopeless. ''
Jenny Linnel, a British employee of International Solidarity Movement, initially saw it as its duty to the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. She now, as more human rights activists, immediate help. I help, ambulance staff, to the huge number of injured to take care of, '' says Linnel from Rafah, in the South of Gaza.

The number of injured now stands at 2750, set Linnel, while there since the beginning of the Israeli actions 11 days ago against the six hundred deaths in the Gaza Strip.

,, The medical situation is dire. Ambulances are attacked by the Israelis and killed. ''

Linnel sees every day with their own eyes that the humanitarian situation is deteriorating. ,, This is very bad. It was already not best by the one and a half year-long blockade, resulting in increasing shortages of all kinds of things. ''

According to Linnel are large parts of the infrastructure destroyed by the Israeli attacks. There is help through Egypt, but that is sparsely and certainly not enough. ,, Most people have shortage of basic living requirements.

That Westerners are not safe, it is apparent from the account of Eva Bartlett, a Canadian human rights activist. They stood in an office building in Gaza City that was hit by rockets from an Israeli Apache helicopter. ,, It felt like the building would fall over. It seemed that attack would never stop. Israel has denied international media access to Gaza and now they try to tell the people what is happening here. Israel does not want the world sees what crimes it commits here. ''

Yesterday it was announced that 34 people were killed when Israelis sure a shot at UN school where dozens of Palestinians had sought a safe haven. Gunfights near another UN school, of which there are dozens in the Gaza Strip, took three people's lives.

The diplomatic pressure on Hamas and the Israeli authorities to cease the fighting, was stepped up yesterday. Also the US Secretary Rice (Foreign Affairs) left at the United Nations know that the US open to an immediate ceasefire.

French president Sarkozy, who yesterday spoke with president Assad in Syria, told that agreement on a file ' no longer far away '.

Also Ellen Verluyten, Deputy Head of the Red Cross mission in Gaza, says that the situation is more serious by the day.

, It remains for us, difficult to reach from Gaza City to the South. Although the Israelis the Red Cross by the front line in the middle of Gaza go by, it is very dangerous. Us convoy with relief goods from the South has stood still for a long time yesterday because nearby was violently fought. ''

Today the Dutchman last Palestinian from the Gaza Strip evacuated.

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