Morocco prohibits Berber names in Netherlands

Moroccan Dutch people may no longer give their children now also Berber names, according to the Moroccan Government.

So is the Islamic identity. This week sends the Moroccan Government in Rabat all embassies and consulates abroad a list of banned names. Noteworthy is that this time to Berber names.

By far most of the Moroccans in the Netherlands is Berber. They are now forced to name a new-born Moroccan Islamic give. Morocco wants in this way the Moroccan identity of its nationals, also of Moroccan Dutch people. "We prohibit Berber names because they contradict the identity and because they Open the door to proliferation of meaningless names ", let Idris Bajdi, top official Home Affairs in Morocco, know.

Right away all also use Dutch municipalities a list of ' approved ' names. Moroccan Dutch people have to choose if they return give up their child, reports the daily newspaper .

Moroccan Dutch People comment upset with the new measure. Moussa Aynan, Labour Party Councillor in Haarlem, calls the decision of Rabat provocative. "Morocco is in the process with a blind Islamisation of the country, of people out there not more living and of Moroccan Europeans out there not even born. More I can not actually there. By explicitly ancient Berber names, Morocco makes clear what the identity wants to have: Arabic. And Berbers are not Arabs. "Aynan came last year in the news when he made his children a non-Muslim name wanted to give.

For Berbers the decision is further proof that off Morocco will of the Berber language and culture. A policy that according to critics for years to the Morocco is underway, ultimately, completely arabiseren. Berber activists in Morocco responded therefore if stung. In a reaction to the Arab news service Al-Arabiya said leading activist Ali Khadawi that this "is a shame for Morocco ' and human rights activist Rabeia Zuheiri already speaks of "a broad form of discrimination, of marginalisation of Berber areas to banning of Berber names ".

There is Dutch Labour Party Parliament Member Samira Bali could not agree more. "We need to get away from those names list and that interference. I want to determine how I my kids call it. This is discriminatory. "

During a PvdA-party meeting earlier this week said party leader Wouter Bos that Double passports ' belong to Netherlands '. Bali: "What Wouter Bos also says, he has no forced dual citizenship and know so not what it means in practice. "

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