Verhagen wants Wilders reports

The British Government had Wilders Tuesday that he was not welcome.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen encourages Geert Wilders to appeal against the British refusal to allow him.

Verhagen says Wilders to want to help. He is ' deeply disappointed ' that Wilders, who was invited in the House of Lords to show his film Fitna, yesterday on the first plane back. He said that until the last moment is tried to Wilders Great Britain. Verhagen is convinced that ' scream ' harder by the Cabinet would not have helped.

Geert Wilders wants, as soon as possible with Verhagen and Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende in debate. Shortly after seven o'clock last night he landed back on Dutch soil, after him at London's Heathrow Airport by British immigration service was denied access to the country.

He was then held in a kind of detention centre. '' This is not only a slap in my face, but also for freedom of expression, '' he responded. The British Prime Minister Brown called it "the greatest coward of Europe ' because his knees went for Islamic pressure, thus .

The British Government had Wilders Tuesday that he was not welcome. He would be a threat to public order. Wilders decided to travel to London, with dozens of press people in its wake. Airline BMI explained to him do.

The comparison between Wilders and extremist islam preachers, that with the same European law can be refused, according to the politician mank. '' I do not turn to violence. You hear me not calling you gay men of high roofs have to throw. ''
The VVD and the PvdA in the House of representatives find it unacceptable that Wilders is denied access to Great Britain. The British former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the protagonist of the free Word, would she themselves according to Hans van Baalen turn over in his grave.

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