PVV in poll to 25 seats

The commotion around Geert Wilders who should not in England, made his party.

The PVV is in the weekly poll by Maurice de Hond good for 25 seats in the lower House if elections are held now, two more than a week ago. The party currently occupies nine seats.

Because the Government parties CDA and PvdA each lose one seat, the PVV in second place. The party has only two seats less than the CDA of Jan Peter Balkenende but two seats more than the Labour Party of Wouter Bos.
The difference in the poll between the biggest party, the CDA with 27 seats, and the parties in sixth place, namely D66 each with seventeen seats, has only ten seats.

No single combination scores more than 75 seats. CDA, PvdA and Christian Union, which currently can boast a majority with 33 and 41 respectively, Room six seats, are on 55 seats.

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