Moroccan youth turn against police

A group of young Moroccans from the Her district has Friday afternoon again the police seriously impeded in her work.

They tried an agent, that an 18-year-old thief pursued. The police officer had to use pepper spray to keep the Group remotely.

Early this month the same young people by interfering with an arrest of a 17-year-old boy. An agent even got a hit.

Friday it was again hit. The police got late in the afternoon a notification that a car window was smashed on the Mollenburgseweg. In a parking lot at the nearby Queen Wilhelmina Avenue was a car with three persons. One of the occupants turned out to be the suspect. This man got out of the car and ran. A bystander tried to stop the man yet, but failed.

After a short pursuit took out one of the agents in the Gorcumer, but the man could not save in the buoys. The suspect resisted violently when a group of around twenty young Moroccans joined him added. The agent was obliged to keep the group with pepper spray at a distance. No one was injured.

The suspect could, after help from toegesnelde and gentlemen, be handcuffed and taken to the police station. In his jacket was a stolen navigation system.

The police take the event high up and says to go harder on take action against the group. ,, It is now regularly happened that a group of young people the confrontation with the police. That will not be tolerated. The show will be harder. If the atmosphere is imminent, arrests, '' responding police woordvoerster Wilma noordergraaf.

The police, the upcoming week in more intensive conversation with the municipality, youth work and community residents to to an end of the riots. ,, We want to prevent residents feel insecure going to feel in this district, '' allows noordergraaf.

The surveillance vehicles drive for several weeks by the area three to four times more than before. This following an incident on Tuesday 10 February. The same group of young Moroccans turned against the police when a 17-year-old boy wanted to persist, because he could not legitimize or wild. An agent was struck. Also the police were pelted with stones and a bicycle, according to .

The 19-year-old boy, who is suspected to have thrown with the bicycle, was arrested a day later. On the same day are two 17-year-old boys were arrested after they threw with a lighter to a politiebus. Later that day, a stone through the window of a parked police car.

According to the police, the group, which repeatedly is responsible for the pollution, from Sun 10 to 20 boys between 12 and 20 years.

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