Wilders-voters ' becoming more normal '

The Wilders-stemmer normalizes.

That says at least Peter Kanne by TNS Nipo on the site of the people's newspaper after an investigation into the rank and file of the PVV. Geert Wilders pulls more and more highly educated people and in terms of income level seem to be the people who would vote for the Freedom Party now more and more on the average Dutchman, point out the research.

Of the PVV-voters was in the Dutch general election in 2006 nine percent are highly trained. That has grown to thirteen percent. Under the new growth amounts to 16% the percentage of highly educated people. Of these, Fourteen percent have a college degree and is two percent University trained.

The PVV attracts ever increasing numbers the better educated, because they turn to the party attracted because of the freedom of expression which in their eyes is threatened by the growing Islamization, writes the newspaper. Geert Wilders is in their eyes ' the martyr of the free word '.

A quarter of the PVV supporters in 2006 was 55 years of age or older. Meanwhile that four in ten, point out the research. The PVV selector is usually a man, lives in a terraced house, is mostly atheist and would be something harder than average work.

In 2006 were the PVV voters mainly ex-LPF-voters (31 percent) and former VVD-stemmer (22 percent). Eight percent voted previously on the Dutch Labour Party. Of those who would vote on the PVV, now has 64 percent that haven't done it. They come for the VVD and 34 percent at twenty percent with CDA. The number of former SP-voters within this group is twelve percent, so would the investigation turn out, thus nieuws.nl.

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