Undercover in the red light district of Morocco

Selma went undercover in Casablanca the whores neighborhood in.

On the boulevard Anfa Selma spoke with several prostitutes who work on the street, thus .

Poverty drives the majority of prostitutes, but there are also women who do it out of a need to luxury the underlying reason.

Female students who earn by getting pay for sex, children who are abused by tourists, an exodus of women who end up as prostitutes in the Middle East. Morocco seems to be following in the footsteps of Thailand to act when it comes to prostitution, thus .

Femmes du Maroc gave a possible explanation for all these forms of ' sale of the woman's body '. In islam should take place only officially sex within marriage and the marriage is consummated after the man his future wife a dowry. Thus, the idea that sex must be paid, according to the journal.

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