Threat Amsterdam had terrorist background

The threat against buildings in Amsterdam South-East had a terrorist background

Police have arrested seven people in connection with this Thursday.

One of the suspects was a family member of a person who was involved in the Madrid bombings. This said head Prosecutor. Justice Baker Thursday evening at a press conference in Amsterdam.

The suspects are six men and one woman between the ages of 19 to 64 year. The Dutch are with a Moroccan background, reporting various media.

On the night of Wednesday on Thursday got the police a telephone message that three men wanted to place explosives aimed at creating casualties in shops.

According to Police Chief Bernard Welten came the message from Brussels. The caller told where the men stayed. He also gave a vague identification notes.

After contact with the AIVD is the police proceeded to arrests. In Brussels is also search done. The first arrest happened around noon, the last at a quarter to six. All suspects are preparatory acts with a terrorist purpose at the expense laid.

The police think that with the arrests the direct threat is over. "Following the arrests, we have believed to have been able to reduce the threat but we cannot exclude ", said Wahid.

The investigation is still ongoing. Unknown yet when the stores open.