Guest workers deserve a museum

, Gastarbeidersmogen, not be forgotten. Not in Netherlands, not in their country of origin. "

C Y (34) was five years when she followed her parents to beverwijk. Also the Turkish community in the Hague has a similar idea. Canan is happy with it, but with thousands of guest workers is also in the region of IJmond place for a museum, she says. Canan hopes on support for her plan. ,, It's still no real plan, but I'm already very long with the idea. Now I want to make it work. There are already many objects disappeared that remind of the first generation of guest workers in Netherlands. "

Her father, Abdel Yagmur, came here in 1970. Half way through the conversation with Canan Wednesday 1 april in KrantCafe advanced Arslan and his wife Surmeli. If only one of the four children, born in 1974 in Turkey is C. It follows a law degree and is the city poet of beverwijk.

Proud Arslan and Surmeli that their daughter can learn and not their poverty from then have to endure. A museum, they find a good idea. C:,, already a lot, I have talked about with them. Also, I want to write a book about guest workers. "

Many compatriots of Arslan (Turkish for Lion) built a future in Germany. The archive of Koln,, would be much photos, but that fell against. I want it. Many of the first generation of guest workers are still alive. "

Her father Arslan is 70 years. He earned as a hired servant in his homeland in the summer, the costs for winter. With his mattress he pulled as a single man from town to town, looking for work. The recruitment of the Labour Office in Turkey sounded appealing. Abd El worked seven years at a Haarlem company, cables. For years he was in service with stool, the demolition company for the blast furnaces.

In the first difficult years of hard work was no place for Canan. ,, I am in the region of Anatolia, born in the middle of Turkey. After a year and a half, Netherlands I had to, because my mother when plenty of went to work. On my fifth, I turn to my parents. My mother had a lot of nostalgia for me. "
The story of the family Y is one of the many stories about guest workers that C wants to write for her book. They are also stories that they want to make tangible in a museum. Canan has also created poems. Not for nothing, she is the 2009 city poet of beverwijk. Early this year she is chosen. Every year, six poems of the city poet published. The first bundle of Canan is coming. It comes are called ' they called her the beloved '. Beloved, that is also Dutch for Canan. C is a familiar face on poets evenings. She writes all her life. To, as she says, to entertain. And to reminisce. OSSIE As City poet reads C Y in the Beverhof a poem for. About guest workers, said .

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