I see you on MSN?

Chat called relationship or marriage problems.

Sign up on MSN as soon as your computer starts, in the lunch break just to your Hyves page surfing, we can no longer do without social media. Hyves, Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space, MSN, Twitter, the list of social networks on the internet is getting longer.

People visit these sites often to leave daily at messages or to chat with other online members. A lot of people chatting not only between companies, but put in hours per day or even every free minute. Out of boredom, out of need for attention or by an internet love can be an addiction, says chat.

How big the effects of excessive chatting, turned out last week when a jealous Italian beheaded his wife because they too much reading on the internet. His wife would have deceived him with an internet love. Giuseppe Castro (35) caught the woman while they were chatting with her lover and cut her head off with a Stanley knife. Castro said to have acted in a fit of rage.

Fortunately, not everyone responds so violently as the Italian, but chat can cause relationship or marriage problems. For example, if your partner has no time left for other things or if he or she too much flirtation with chat friends.

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