Young people bullying transgender area from

Again a occupant of the Utrecht district Columns because of her sexual orientation have forced the district.

It's going to be a transsexual woman who in the framework of a rescue route last november in the harteveldlaan was.

Since then, according to local residents because of its orientation being bullied by a group of young Moroccans who hang around on the nearby Zwanenvechtplein. The woman was settled scolded. Several times is her home pelted with stones, confirms the police. With old and new is her letterbox in the portico bloated and after it was replaced is the lock, thus .

Last Tuesday, the young people against the onderbuur woman, when she had had enough of the persecution and the guys in the order called. In her garden was fire. Also, when the door of the transsexual woman daubed with the words: ' you know, this neighborhood, pervert. Gay cancer. '

The occupant dares not been back to her home and is taken care of by aid workers. She now resides in a shelter.

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