' Ban on cousin marriages '

According to Asscher are many problems around retarded guys fixed with import brides.

Marriages between cousins should be forbidden and there must be stopped with,, unbridled wedding import and family reunification possibilities ''. This allows the Amsterdam Alderman Lodewijk Asscher (including education, integration and youth) Tuesday in a piece on the op-ed in the times, said .

,, Many problems around retarded guys be fixed with import brides '', writes Asscher. ,, They are as mum/wife to Netherlands met. '' The Alderman wants an end. Get lifetime vonissen, these women, with such marriages, which often mentally handicapped children are born. ''

Asscher notes, further, that in Amsterdam twelve hundred children who for some years in the homeland of their parents to the elementary school. , Find That their parents, convenient, good for family ties or for cultural identity formation. I find that crazy. '' The driver wants to go set quality requirements to the education that these children abroad. ,, Not to bully, but in their own interest. ''

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