' Immigrant majority R'dam in 2012 '

Rotterdam is approaching the time that natives a minority in the city.

Currently 52% of the population is born with a Dutch passport, according to recent figures from the Center for Research and statistics (COS) of the municipality of Rotterdam. That according to figures from the Center for research and statistics (COS) of the municipality of Rotterdam.

The number of people grows at this time. On april 1, counted 588,398 inhabitants, 1237 Rotterdam more than during the turn of the year. In 2008, the number of locals with 4236.

Whole against the growth trend in the number of natives in Rotterdam. Rotterdam in 1990 was still for 60 percent indigenous, now this is 52 percent. Rotterdam counted 44,000 fewer people on 1 april with Dutch roots than ten years ago.

The ' discoloration ' of Rotterdam happening for a substantial part ' from below '. Under twenties and thirties the number of immigrants is relatively high. The smallest share, people with Dutch roots in the age group 0-14 years. Of these children is 38 percent Rotterdam autochthonous.

Researcher Marco Hoppesteyn of the COS dare not predict when the proportion of natives in Rotterdam will be less than half. On the basis of the trend in this decade would be in as far as 2012. After Dutch Surinamese people form the largest ethnic group. Then come the Turks and Moroccans. Antilleans and Moroccans are the fastest growing group. When the foreign-born population the native learns, dares the COS dare not predict. If the trend continues, it is in as far as 2012.

"The growth of the number of immigrants is partly explained by immigration," said Hoppesteyn in the . "The last years settle relatively many Romanians, Poland and Chinese here. The economic crisis has no influence on that trend. But what is not is, may yet to come. Also the birth rate is hard to predict. The grandchildren of migrants are also defined as autochthonous. This group is growing over the next few years. "