Pechtold: Netherlands is not tolerant

Netherlands is traditionally not as tolerant and liberal as we meet often fool ourselves.

Alexander Pechtold argued that this morning in the St. Jacobs Church in flushing. The D66 leader spoke there the tenth marriage. The integration debate is off track, according to Pechtold, making little tolerance exists today in front of minorities.

"Generalize and denigration are the order of the day."
But the origin of compartmentalized Dutch society was also not as tolerant, he opined. We seemed a tolerant country, but people from different groups against each other hardly came and went not with each other. After the denominational segregation we are saddled with a political system in which according to Pechtold the legislative, administrative and judicial powers are separated insufficient.

"Our system lags far behind what is typically under a Western democracy means." The D66 leader did not consider more direct forms of democracy ' both desirable as feasible '. For that we need a ' pragmatic idealism in his eyes '.

In the crowded St. Jacobs Church handed Mayor Wim Dijkstra the flushing Starfish to Pechtold, thus .

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