Police in Bloemendaal pelted

Again pelted a police car in Gouda.

This time in Bloemendaal, near the shopping centre of the same name. The police has a strong suspicion who the perpetrators are, but she has not yet may persist.

The police was with five agents, three cars and a police dog Wednesday night. A large group of young Moroccans would misbehave in Albert Heijn, said the . , I can no longer call, mischief, '' says Manager Elwin van Mierlo. They threw bottles broke down and threw around goods by the store. , Knowingly and willfully, it is piece items off the shelves. By a group of young people now familiar with us. '' A boy was nabbed by a security guard, the other could something be held later by the police. It comes to Gaue of 17 and 18 years.

While the police investigation did in the supermarket, were in the parking lot of the shopping mall smashed the windshield of a police car. The police, the shopkeepers and witnesses suggest that the perpetrators come from the same group as those in Albert Heijn for inconvenience caused. ,, We know who they are and the police know who they are. You should now have hard evidence, however, to enable them to be picking up. We are working hard to ensure this group of young people get a shop ontzegging. It should be a time to stop. For we, other retailers in the Mall, our customers and local residents have for some time suffer from these troublemakers, '' said Van Mierlo.

The guys who earlier this week in Oosterwei rocks at police vehicles and agents have thrown, turn out to have been detained at all, let alone that there are traffic fines are handed out. Police say to have been mistaken. The perpetrators are still wanted. The police and her vehicles was pelted, when two Gaue owners were arrested in connection with stealing in a House on the Bernadottelaan, last weekend.

A reporter of Radio Veronica is arrested yesterday morning after the destruction of a car window. Other than live in the broadcast MogguRick claimed, did not go to the door of a police car, but to that of a demolition car. With the broadcast reporter Erik-Jan wanted to see if he would get a penalty only for the destruction. Also, see if I can have fun, for nine bucks. '' Justice and police examine the extent to which the cost of the police deployment can be recovered from.

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