'' All women without a bra on June 26 ''

On Facebook calls a group of all women on to Friday 26 June no bra to wear.

They claim that the garment is an instrument of torture and an obstacle. Women will be prepared an entire day not to support their bosom?

It would be an idea of a group of men for a whole day to enjoy the view of behaloze breasts. But after further investigation shows that the initiative of the women Behaloze ' Friday ' names. They find that this hinders women garment and that it is unnatural and even perverse.

Why not?
The initiators compare this garment with binding women's feet in China, a way to women. They argue that research shows that those who wear a bra around the clock 113 times more likely to have breast cancer than others. The garment would be harmful substances in the breasts stick, making you more likely runs on tumors. The women also compare the breasts with the testes of men. "They hang with a reason from the body because they have to stay cool. If they have been gagged in a bra, your breasts too hot and they no longer function properly. "

No need support
The Group on Facebook a lot refutes arguments of women to a bra to wear. "Your bosom has no support, women's health breast was better for the invention of the BRA. Also, research shows that busty women who wore no bra for two weeks, less pain and suffered from their bosom. 80% of the participants decided to throw their Bras gone for good. "

Maybe this group on Facebook called a sign that there is a new trend. These women are not the only ones who find the BRA a torment rather than a blessing. On the internet there are several sites as 007b.com and ihatebras.info on diving by women who prefer freedom award their breasts. Also different celebrities have renounced their bra. Kate Moss runs also without than with more around, Jessica Simpson and Lily all like a liberated bosom, thus .

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