Wilders is finally prosecuted

PVV leader Geert Wilders is finally prosecuted.

The High Council does not address a request from his lawyer Bram Moszkowicz to the lawsuit. That has the Supreme Council announced Wednesday.

Moszkowicz had the Supreme Council, the highest court of Netherlands, asked the prosecution of Wilders. The Supreme Court says that not being able to do, because the facts in the case have not yet been fixed. That can only happen during a lawsuit for a lower court.

The High Council is also not with Moszkowicz that Wilders actually has already been condemned by the Court of appeal in Amsterdam, that in January determined that Wilders should be prosecuted. According to Moszkowicz, the Court may Wilders thereby no longer acquit. The Supreme Court does not agree. "The Court is in no way tied to the discretion of the Court", it is called.

Wilders lets find out ' very disappointed ' about the decision of the Supreme Court. "Now there is a genuine political process. I'm being persecuted because I said what millions of Dutch thinking. Freedom of expression is at stake. " Wilders is called ' superstrijdbaar ', he adds.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende (CDA) did not want to comment on the allegation by Wilders that there is a political process. "We know in Netherlands the separation of powers. The Supreme Court has made a ruling. It is not for me to make a judgement about. We'll see how it will get justice. "

Justice has received dozens of reports over the past few years against Wilders for his statements about Muslims and islam and his film ' Fitna '. The public prosecution service decided in June last year, nothing to do. Wilders was not punishable according to the ORDER, because he had made his statements within the social debate.

The Court of appeal in the refereed to in January. According to the Court, Wilders is guilty of hate and insult, thus

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