Bolkestein against schools for Muslims

The freedom of education which to Christians the right to their own schools, offers Muslims do not automatically the same right.

,, We live in a culture of equality. But people are wrong. And also ' religions ', says prominent VVD-Frits Bolkestein on the website of the Dutch Newspaper said.

According to the Liberal freedom of education is closely intertwined with the Dutch society. "There is no reason why that right also to other schools as Islamic. '' The former EU Commissioner goes a step further than the position of fellow party member and group leader Mark Rutte. Who said in early april that poorly performing islam schools "immediately subject to increased surveillance and if they are not within six months the whole thing in order they must close."

Mecca trips
Apart from schools that poor education, are also Islamic schools that their budget is not to good use, for example by on ' trips to Mecca ' eligible for closure, according to Rahman in april. Schools that State must be dangerous, as for him right away. It's going to be thousands of children ', says Rutte. ' Unacceptable. '