Paul Toussaint: ' there are not just a few criminal Moroccans '

There is a large group of Moroccans in Amsterdam, which is no Dutchman, but Moroccan feel.

Those who deny the mass crime by Moroccans, not only the victims, but also those who with family intervention and police work the problems.

On 8 January this year, an interview with Fatima Elatik (Labour Party) in Het Parool, which District President of Amsterdam Zeeburg was appointed. When asked if she saw herself as a role model, Elatik answered: "because I'm Moroccan or young and smart? I hope the latter. Young people do not work with those labels by Moroccan or immigrant. That is completely obsolete. " This by political correctness censored view of reality comes in all political circles from left to right are still common.

Conservatively estimated, on average, twice a week I get physically and verbally threatened, intimidated or otherwise rude or (extremely) treated aggressively by immigrant boys and men. The vast majority of that group is of Moroccan descent. There is almost never a justification for the excessive behavior of these guys. Their behavior has without any doubt a partly racist origin. The fact that I am a native Dutchman is sufficient. There are thousands of those hate heads in Amsterdam around.

From my research and many wanderings in Amsterdam districts shows that a much wider phenomenon. There is no ethnic community where the we-they-thinking so strong is developed as precisely in the Moroccan. There is a large group of Moroccans in Amsterdam, which is no Dutchman, but Moroccan feel. And those Dutch, the Dutch society and hostile to the West. Moroccans who do their best, hard work or study and fun working with the Dutch society are submitted by this group soon called verkaast and much more frequently as a traitor.

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