'' Requirements for family reunification work insufficient ''

The Cabinet looks for a better lock on the door.

The continued inflow of low-educated marriage partners from Morocco is an unbearable burden for Dutch society. Despite all the energy and money we put into integration, it is still fighting a running battle, as long as there are new people at a disadvantage, thus telegraaf.nl.

According to Minister Van der Laan (integration) in an interview with the associated press. "It's going to top our tension," concludes the successor of Ella Vogelaar after six months as a Minister. "A teacher will always say: ' Yes, that novice should at in the classroom. ' But everything I see that it is too heavy. "

The Cabinet looks for a better lock on the door. Because the under ex-Minister Verdonk tightened requirements for family reunification work inadequate. Moroccan men evading the income or educational requirements, by their brides smuggling via Belgium, so recognizes the PvdA-Minister.

"With free love has nothing to do," said Van der Laan. Many Moroccan men go im looking for a traditional woman from the mother country, instead of a free-spirited leeftijdgenote in Netherlands. That is also for those well integrated, ambitious girls a problem, according to the Minister.

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