Discrimination on the internet especially against Muslims

In 2008 are four cases where the MDI declaration did brought to justice.

More than half of the number of reported discrimination on the internet last year was directed against Muslims, Moroccans and Turks.

That puts the hotline Discrimination Internet (MDI) in its annual report, which is published Monday. In total there were 899 messages when the organization within.

'' In particular, news reports in which ethnicity or origin were called, ontlokten criminal manifestations in the comments ' ', concludes the MDI.


Anti-Semitism (racism directed against Jews) also continues according to the Organization a problem.

Extreme right-wing sites there used to be responsible for, but now these expressions often found on normal interactive pages.


The percentage of statements that after a request from the MDI is removed, last year increased slightly to 92 percent. The Organization says that they are getting better at managing to criminal utterances on the internet be removed.

Nevertheless urges the MDI also website owners to make themselves active in the removal of discriminatory texts.


In 2008 are four cases where the MDI declaration did brought to justice.

That led to a conviction three times and once to an acquittal. The public prosecutor's Office appealed against the acquittal, according to .

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