More than thirty percent more import brides to Netherlands

The import brides are less frequent from Turkey and Morocco.

The number of foreign partners that to Netherlands, last year after years of decline with increased more than 30 percent.

The import brides from Turkey and Morocco are less common, but more frequently from Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan. This reports the Volkskrant Wednesday. The stricter rules for family reunification at the end of 2004 were introduced, initially seemed to lead to a decrease in the number of import brides. But this decline has been reversed in a rise, says Minister for housing, communities and integration Eberhard van der Laan (PvdA).

The more stringent income and age requirements for the transmission of a partner from outside the European Union since november 2004. In order to get a residency, both partners must be at least 21 years old-previously it was that 18 years-and should the partner already in Netherlands attends a ' sustainable ' and have independent income of at least 120% of the minimum wage; that was 100 percent. Research of the Ministry of Justice last month showed that the more stringent requirements had led to a decrease in the number of import brides with almost forty percent.

These figures, however, had covered the period between July 2003 and March 2006. After an inventory and analysis of the figures for 2008 is now that the stricter rules "under the current circumstances is not sufficient ', says Van der Laan. The Minister announces measures to increase. Mainly due to the increase in the number of import brides let the migration figures on 2008 a trend break, writes the newspaper. Netherlands since 2003 knew a departure surplus, where more people left the country than coming in, but last year, the tide turned. By now more people settle in Netherlands than there are people leave, said .

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