Wilders: '' tens of millions of Muslims must Europe ''

All Muslims in Europe that cause problems, should be turned off immediately and deprived of their nationality.

These are ' millions, tens of millions of people. PVV leader Geert Wilders has this said Saturday in an interview for Danish television, thus .

' A huge number of Muslims want a different society than the democracy we now have ', said Wilders. ' It is still a minority, but as soon as they become stronger, they will show change and it will be too late to fight back. ' According to Wilders is the ' a few minutes before twelve ' and can no longer wait with measures.

High birth rate
In the interview outlines Wilders that the European civilization is threatened by mass immigration from Muslim countries and a high birth rate among Muslims. According to him, Muslims are responsible for most of the crime. In Copenhagen, says he is 80 percent of the crimes committed by immigrants, most of them Muslims. ' In Netherlands is that the same. ' 70 percent of the detainees in Denmark would be a Muslim background. ' In Netherlands is that unfortunately not much else. '

Wilders has ' a very clear message ' for the Muslims in Europe. ' If you abide by the law, to our values, then you are very welcome to stay and we will even help you. ' But if not, commits a crime if you, if you start thinking about jihad and sharia law, then there is only one solution: we will send you the same day off, then you can pack your bags and we will take away your nationality. It is a red line: If you exceed that, we will send you back the same day. '

On the repeated question of the interviewer how much of the Muslims in Europe represent problems outlined by Wilders, he says: ' millions. Tens of millions. ' Later he talks about ' now ' that commit crimes and "millions of sharia and the Caliphate ' want. "and unfortunately, that increase if we don't stop the immigration and not to take action against people who are against our free society and not to our values and the law '.

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