Van der Laan challenges Wilders out for duel

Eberhard van der Laan wants to lead in the fight against Geert Wilders.

That much is clear, after the PvdA-Minister for integration for the third time within a week the confrontation with the PVV leader was looking for, thus .

After the weekly question time gave Van der Laan extended explanation of his altercation with the PVV Chief over his statements on the Danish tv. Wilders said last weekend that he ' millions, tens of millions of ' Muslims who do not comply with laws or to the sharia and jihad thinking ' same-day ' would like to turn it off.
So many are not even there, Van der Laan Monday sneered. Europe has 20 million Muslims. The vast majority of them does it right. So where does Wilders tens of millions of fanatics and criminals come from? ' Wilders can't count. '

Van der Laan itself cannot count, riposteerde Wilders Tuesday. According to him, more than 50 million Muslims in Europe. Van der Laan forecast: than France Wilders also the Muslims in Russia. Then he has a problem with geography, according to the Minister, because that country running all the way to Japan.
The whole discussion was through the media because in the six months that Van der Laan Minister for integration, Wilders never crossed swords with him. There is also no reason for formal, because Wilders is group leader and his fellow Fan does the integration portfolio. But for Van der Laans predecessor Vogelaar made Wilders does have time. Think of the debate in which he called her ' bonkers '.

Since he took office in november hit Van der Laan typically a conciliatory tone to against his opponent of the PVV. Last week Tuesday was suddenly on. ' I'm done with the section whining, ' said Van der Laan. ' Biting, kicking, scratching, hitting. It is all, but on the basis of facts. ' He said enough to have the ' nonsense ' that he should listen to every time of the PVV.
Last Saturday he called the PVV in an interview with Het Parool ' dangerous ', because that party generalizes ' and pseudo-solutions '. Also he challenged Wilders. That is watched him to pry, said Van der Laan. ' I hope all half a year he comes. I sometimes think: where do you stay well? '

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