Muslim Party aims for 2010 elections

The Dutch Muslim Party (NMP) does next year in the local elections.

That said President Henny lobster from Emmeloord Wednesday. The NMP aims for seats in the noordoostpolder, Almere and Amsterdam.

The party of lobster exists since 2007 and now has a Board that includes immigrants and natives, men and women. The women are a conscious choice, the frontman. "Because according to islam are women equal to men. That is one prejudice that we like to clear out of the way. "
The NMP wants to ensure a more positive image of islam. "We are committed to a society that is characterized by Islamic values and norms. But those are not so much different than the values and standards of the average Dutchman ", says lobster.

He cites as examples justice, solidarity, mercy, respect and peace-loving. Lobster: "we process these principles currently in our party program. Then we actively act out as a party in order to solicit Members in very Netherlands. "

The NMP would get seats and lobster in twenty municipalities also hopes to participate in future elections. In the 1990s, the Emmeloorder converted to islam and was active in the past for D66, the list Pim Fortuyn and the local party US noordoostpolder, thus

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