' Half Muslims contemplating departure '

More than one in three Turkish and Moroccan Muslims will leave from Netherlands.

More than half think more often about leaving, but three quarters still feels at home in Netherlands. That turns out Monday from research commissioned by Motivaction television program's network.

By the increasing popularity of Geert Wilders feels 57 percent of the Turkish and Moroccan Muslims feel less at home than in the past. Three quarter has the feeling that natives assess them more negative than before. Forty percent say more likely to be discriminated against, a quarter even says that this happens regularly, according to the poll.

18% can see what in some points of the helmsman of the PVV, which wants to ban the koran and Muslims with multiple passports who breaking the law the country wants to turn it off. Four percent think that the PVV politician can solve many problems if he is in the Government. A large part of the respondents indicates angry and disappointed about his statements. More than one in five also says hate to feel.

Four in ten respondents think that the Wilders can best be ignored, while 35 percent more in looks to enter into the conversation with Wilders and his rank and file. A hard against sound, addressing issues in the Muslim community and the creation of a Muslim party are called as other ways to on the rise of the PVV to respond.

Two out of three of those surveyed see a future for themselves in Netherlands. This is especially true for young people. Of the Muslims older than 35 years 43 percent see no salvation in a longer stay. Unclear is how much of the Turks and Moroccans in the Netherlands Islamic.

The results of the study are consistent with statements that the Rotterdam Alderman Hamit Karakus Monday does in the Volkskrant. It says in the morning sheet that young Muslims are increasingly wondering whether their future in Netherlands. Also he calls the advance of the PVV as a cause, said .

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