'' Headscarf Ban tends to intolerance and xenophobia ''

The headscarf ban in schools tends to intolerance and xenophobia.

That enabled imam Nordine T this morning in the news program ' the seventh day '.

The imam came out last week in the news when he got a call to Muslim parents not to send their children to the Atheneum of Antwerp to it when the Executive Board at its intention remains to a headscarf ban.

Cry for help
After heavy protest drew T his words back. In ' the seventh day "he said that his words were misinterpreted and that it is actually a form of protest and a cry for help went to highlight the problem. T recognizes the importance of education.

The imam remains in its position that Muslim women should have the right to wear a headscarf in school. It is not a religious, but a cultural symbol, where Muslim women very much.

No repression means
The argument that it is a means to suppress comes to women sweeps T of table. '' If Muslim women committed would be, why are there very many among them who do not wear head scarves? '', he wondered. '' Surely this is proof that molsima's pretty. ''

T believes that Muslim women there almost forced to go to separate islam schools, because there is almost no schools where head scarves are more accepted. The imam did say explicitly that he is opposed to privescholen for Muslims.

'' In our society one has indeed the freedom to wear whatever one wants, but there are certain contexts, such as a workshop and a school, where there is a restriction of those freedoms. That is true for everyone, but apparently some Muslims think otherwise '', the other guest talking Bart De Wever (N-VA).

According to Dave is the headscarf however created to the sexuality of women and to men not sexually to excite. '' We live in a society in which man is required to master and not one where the woman has to cover it, '' argued David.

Demonstration on Sint-jansplein
About 120 Muslim women held a demonstration Sunday on the Antwerp Sint-jansplein to the planned ban on headscarves in the secondary schools of Antwerp and Hoboken.

The demo banners were seen me thereupon messages like ' we ', ' Everyone smoking, except Democracy, no discrimination ' and ' you are the oppressors, not us ' and demanded that the ban is repealed, thus back.

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