Dream country Morocco allows pious Muslim disappoint

Arhazem Saeed sees Morocco as his homeland, but it frustrates him that he is as strict Muslim so opposed.

When Ahmad Ahrazem (29) from Netherlands to Tanger flew, he was stopped by the Moroccan customs. He had to fill out the address where he would reside in Morocco, but he knew not from his head. A girl in front of him in line was the same, but that should just go through. Ahrazem not. The Customs picked up his passport and said:? You does not come in without address.?

Ahrazem wears a beard, that was the problem, he suspects. Morocco keeps an eye on men like him, Muslims who monitored as closely as possible the lessons and try to follow the life of Prophet Muhammad. When he had left his beard, he found in Morocco in 2005, a police chief he knew. ? You can sell hashish in Morocco better than your beard?, he gave Ahrazem as tip.

He lives in Netherlands is Ahrazem grew up, in Limburg. He studied at the Hogeschool Zuyd Maastricht since 2006 in Arabic, and he has a course Arabic in Morocco just behind the back at the Dutch Institute in Rabat. In the beginning he felt frustrated that he who wants to be a good Muslim, on his count must be fit into Morocco, the country which he always regarded as his homeland more than Netherlands.

Often asks himself: Ahrazem? Why does this Islamic country the way to what Allah has forbidden, like alcohol, opened up and why is someone like me who try to practice islam, thwarted?? According to him, which is not only a question of the fight against terrorism, but also of economic importance. Morocco would like to work with the United States and the European Union and no bad image can afford.

Moroccan Muslims as Netherlands Ahrazem come in more. By the outside world is said that they radicalize. ? I'm not happy with the negative sense of that Word. We go back to the roots of islam. I am convinced that there is only one way that leads to paradise and that is the way as the Prophet who has meant.?

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