' No Islamic Republic Of Netherlands '

The NMP is also against a ban on import brides.

In the years ' 90 converted Henny lobster from Emmeloord to islam, now he leads the Dutch Muslim party, which also wants to participate in the elections in Rotterdam.

Apart from a religion-switch has Lobster also quite a few political parties. He was previously active for D66, the LPF and the local party US noordoostpolder. So now the NMP, with the main aim to improve the image of islam? n the interests of Muslims.

No, really, we strive after, or Caliphate, the Islamic Republic of Netherlands. We adhere completely to the Dutch law. We arrive at for the Muslims, just as Christian parties for their own rank coming on, '' says lobster.

The party program will follow later (' preferably for ramadan '), though it is clear that deals with specific issues such as import brides and a burkaverbod. , Burkaverbod, '', we are against a light Lobster. , Because it's not the man who determines what the woman wears, that decide the women themselves. ''

And the NMP is also against a ban on import brides. , That is pure discrimination. They want as low educated women. '' Furthermore the NMP for Islamic banking and more Islamic cemeteries, says .

Especially in a city like Rotterdam is the sound of the NMP needed, says lobster. To reply to Leefbaar Rotterdam and possibly the PVV. , Especially within the Labour Party, is among the Muslims much discontent. They have to bite their tongues while on about them the most terrible things are said. There should just be a against sound. ''

Although the NMP says a modern party, believes Lobster in many traditional Islamic beliefs. He says not against homosexuals. , But we accept the homosexual act. Am I supposed to be happy if two men kissing on the street? I really don't need to see that. ''

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