Elatik compares Wilders with Hitler

Thursday morning took Amsterdam District President Fatima Elatik be back.

Geert Wilders is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler if he wants to let Muslims live in Netherlands, is figuring out how much the Amsterdam District President Fatima Elatik.

The questions of Wilders do Elatik think of ' a European politician of 60 years ago ', tweet the PvdA politician. '' They want even though going to investigate how many Muslims there annually. Still here and they go our DNA analysis to show that we are not up to the job. ''

'' I think there was another politician in Europe 60 years ago that did also at another Semitic people? said Elatik.

'' Oops, I, of course, but that should not at all say ' Zeeburgse ', continues the sarcastic. '' Hitler was democratically elected. That we forget sometimes. ''

Elatik gas took back Thursday morning. '' For all the followers on buurtleven.nl did not say that wilders hitler is. That goes very far. But that the policy and politics called ' ', tweet them, said.

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